Things to do

Do you like exploring the woods? Or do you prefer visiting different cities? Donsbrüggen has a lot to offer.

Tip: take a stroll through scenic area ‘De Duffelt’


Between Nijmegen and Cleves you will find a scenic area called ‘De Duffelt’. It is also known as the German Ooijpolder. It is a low-lying area that came into existence through the flooding of a river. In this rustic area you can admire some lovely farms and old Dutch mills. Ideal for a long walking tour. Want to discover more walking routes? Find them here.

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Tip: play some golf at golf course ‘Het Rijk van Nijmegen’


If you’re looking for some activity, a golf course will be the perfect place to spend your day. Reveille is perfectly located for the two golf courses nearby. Both Het Rijk van Nijmegen and golf club Moyland are a fifteen-minute drive away. You can play golf whilst enjoying a beautiful view of the green of Groesbeek, or you can try your luck in one of the woods in Bedburg-Hau.

Golf club Het Rijk van NijmegenGolf club Moyland

Tip: go for a bike ride through nature

Reveille is situated in an inspiring environment. There are many different biking routes, which can be long or short, challenging or relaxing. During the tour you will come across amazing views, hills and cultural-historical elements. Choose your favorite biking route right here.

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Tip: visit one of these lovely German cities

Donsbrüggen is perfectly located: in between Kranenburg and Cleves. Both cities can be reached within fifteen minutes by bike and five minutes by car. In Cleves you can find – amongst other things – the historic castles Moyland Castle and Schwanenburg Castle and the zoo Tiergarten Kleve. In Kranenburg you can stroll through the old city center for hours on end and you can visit some lovely sights, such as the museum Katharinenhof.

Slot MoylandZoo KleveZwanenburchtMuseum Katharinenhof

Tip: explore the oldest city of the Netherlands

Nijmegen is a city full of culture and adventure. Take your bike over one of the nice biking routes to get there or drive up there within half an hour. There is an endless list of things to do in this city. Take a stroll through the different city parks, admire the St. Stephen’s Church or drink a cup of coffee in one of the many cafes on the Lange Hezelstraat. There are so many possibilities!

St. Stephen's ChurchLange HezelstraatCity parks

Tip: grab a bite to eat in one of these nice restaurants

There is something for everyone around here. You can have Greek food at Villa Nova, dine in style in the gardens of Altes Landhaus or devour fresh fish and meat dishes at Pias. Extra tip: Pias has lots of vegetarian dishes to choose from as well.

Villa NovaAltes LandhausPias

Tip: take a unique tour by bike-train

The bike-train will take you over an old railroad track through the border region. Ride your bike on different routes and combine your bike-train journey with a lunch, for example. Either enjoy it together with your partner or go with an entire group. The Draisine is a unique way to experience the environment. Book your train journey right here.

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Interested to know what else you can do around here? Let us know!